Mission Statement

At Modern Indian School our mission is to impart quality education so as to enable students realize their full potential, foster their holistic development, inculcate in them sense of aesthetics and values and develop them as complete human beings to face future challenges of the world.


कर्मण्येवाधि का रस्ते माफलेषु कदाचन्
“Seek to perform your duty,
Lay no claim to its fruits.”

Aims and objectives

The main aim of the school is to provide such quality education as would help the students realize their full potential and enable them to meet squarely the emerging challenges offered by technologically advanced global information society of the future while maintaining the rich cultural heritage and much cherished values of our society. To achieve this, aim the following objectives receive special emphasis.

  • Developing the mental and physical abilities and necessary skills of the pupils along with the development of right attitudes through formal academic programmes as well as other school activities.
  • Initiating them into the process of learning to learn so that they are well equipped with the know-how for renewing their knowledge in the fast-changing environment, on their own throughout their lives.
  • Encouraging children to think for themselves and develop their imagination, ability to solve problems, creativity, aesthetic sense, and a host of other inherent abilities. Also develop ‘self’ so that students are sensitized to the needs of the society of which ‘self’ is a part, and learn to solve conflicts within their own selves and with others.
  • Inculcating basic human values of truth, love, compassion, dignity of labour, moral courage and self-discipline.
  • Developing a deep understanding and love of their culture along with a modern global outlook.
  • Last, but not the least, promoting excellence in the academics and all other areas.


In spite of its geographical boundaries, the people of both India and Nepal lived as one, from time immemorial. They crossed the boundaries without restriction for business, employment and education. Nepal has a sizeable number of Indians and their contribution in the development of this country is commendable. In 70’s, there was a great demand among the Indian community for quality Indian education of their children. Three of like-minded visionaries with some friends rose to the occasion and took the challenge to start a school with Indian curriculum for the community. Vision when materialized, took the form of Modern Indian School on 1st Mar 1978. The founding fathers of this venture were Shree Radhe Shyam Saraf, Shree M.A. Lari and Sdr Pritam Singh. True to the vision and missionary zeal of these Samaritans, the school had been placed under a non-profitable and charitable trust so as to give full justice to the cause of education.

Years of vigilant nurturing and care helped the school to blossom into a sturdy and sprawling tree with its roots deeply entrenched in the education sector of Nepal. It proved to be a wish come true for the Indian community in Nepal, keen to have their children educated in the English medium of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The school emerged as a vision realized, bringing pride and satisfaction to all those associated with its inception. It soon extended and encompassed students of Nepali and other foreign origin. Since, it has only grown from strength to strength with more than 2000 students on the roll presently.

This institution is the first of its kind in Nepal, further flattered, as the trendsetter for similar institutions that sprouted subsequently. MIS was and still is the first school to boast of CBSE affiliation in Nepal and more importantly it has enjoyed the patronage of the Indian Embassy in Nepal. His Excellency Shri N.B. Menon in 1978 and all his successors thereafter remain the Chief Patron of the school. The excellent quality of education imparted, the variety of courses and the enviable facilities it offers, have guided the school to reach the pinnacle where its name has become synonymous with excellence in education.

Modern Indian School is situated on the southern edge of Kathmandu city, on the Chobhar Dakshinkali road, at a height of 4800 feet. Located 3 kilometers off the bustling city, the school lies nestled between lush pine forests on one side and the Bagmati river meandering its way out of the valley, on the other side. The crisp air and the pristine environment further enhance the tranquility of the surroundings. The architectural layout is designed to harmonize the serene backdrop thus creating a perfect foil with mother nature.

The school building itself provides very large, airy and sun-drenched classrooms, making it idyllic for scholarly pursuits. The well-appointed- Science, Mathematics and Computer laboratories are every student’s dream come true. The library offers a wide selection from over 20000 books to further aid and inspire young minds. ‘Healthy mind in healthy body’ is emphasized in the sprawling and well-maintained playfield that surrounds the school building; affording the opportunity of physical fitness. Modern Indian School (MIS) is truly an intersection of mental and physical growth for every youngster.

The management has been instrumental in building up this institution brick by brick, duly supported by the staff, binding it with their untiring efforts, dedication and result oriented teaching. The highly motivated and experienced faculty have upheld the tone and tenor of the school, keeping its flag flying high.

Academic Session

Modern Indian School is affiliated with Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi. The Academic session is from 1st April to 31st March.

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